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One person dead in a shootout on Westside

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — After witnesses reported to police that there was a “shoot out involving numerous people,” there was a strong police presence that spanned several blocks around the 1200 block of Labelle Street on Jacksonville’s Westside.

According to police, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrived after receiving reports of many gunshots being heard.

A guy who was dropped off at UF Health and went into the emergency department is thought to have been shot in connection with this incident. According to the police, he passed away later.

The local police examined a number of neighboring buildings, but were unable to locate the person who had opened fire.

According to witnesses, there were many people outside, but they were unsure of how many of them were firing shots. The police found shell casings in the adjacent blocks, and they kept looking at the evidence until late Sunday night.

The authorities have said that the region is subject to random shooting, and they are unsure as to whether or not all of the round casings are from the icnident that occurred on Sunday.

The police are keeping their fingers crossed that someone saw what happened or recorded it on their cell phone.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) is requesting that anybody who may have seen stray bullets or damage to a car contact Crimestoppers at (904) 398-3775.

“It’s a major safety concern, and that’s why we ask for their assistance,” JSO Sheriff Rudlaff said.

“We ask anybody with any kinds of information, it can be small details, but those details add up. Please contact the sheriff’s office, crime stoppers, however you feel best to give the information to us,” he said. “We’ll collect that information, we’ll put it together, and hopefully we can find whoever did this.”

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