Miami Springs City Council chose an official towing company for citywide services

The Miami Springs City Council decided to go with Downtown Towing Firm as the official towing company to provide towing services across the whole city. This includes both towing cars after the driver has been arrested and towing cars that have been illegally parked on city property, like leaving a car there overnight at Stafford Park.

It was not apparent whether or not the towing service would be used to remove automobiles that had been parked in an improper manner on the city swale. It has been brought to our attention in the past that there is an ongoing issue with automobiles being parked illegally along the swale that is located on South Royal Poinciana Boulevard. As you can see down below, there are signs that make it quite apparent that this is a tow-away zone that does not permit stopping or standing.

This is another illustration of what may occur in the event that the City of Miami Springs does not demand an adequate amount of parking for a residential development. Arguments will be made that our parking restrictions are outdated, having been in place for sixty years, and fail to take into consideration ride sharing and public transportation. If you ever hear that from a city official, please point to the apartment that is pictured above to illustrate the horrible reality that exists there.

Jordan Collins

Jordan is an experienced editor with years in the journalism and reporting industry. He loves talking with the community about the problems local residents face and state politics. You can find him in the gym almost every day or see him jogging.

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