Free Japanese festival set to take place in Miami on November 6

Ichimura Miami-Japan Garden on Watson Island will play host to a free Japanese event on November 6, 2022. The festival will take place on Sunday. You may indulge in Japanese music, cuisine, culture, and entertainment from eleven in the morning until five in the afternoon. In addition to the sushi and ikebana presentations, there will also be a Japanese tea ceremony, a Kisen calligraphy mural, and a cosplay exhibition at this event.

Besides the delicious candy sushi that can be purchased for just $5, there will also be a candy demonstration. In addition, the Kids’ Corner tents provide activities such as calligraphy and origami. An amusing sushi demonstration is going to be given by Mr. Sekita, who works at Koume restaurant. A sample dish of sushi will be available for purchase for only $10. An optional tea ceremony may be purchased for $10. Included in the price is a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, a cup of tea, and a delicious treat. Visit to purchase tickets for any optional events.

The Ichimura Miami-Japan Garden may be found on Watson Island at the address 1101 MacArthur Causeway. Friends of Japanese Garden may be reached at 305-992-0703 or via their website at

Parking at the Jungle Island parking garage is accessible for only $5 with a FJG coupon, which can be obtained from the security officer or the entry desk.

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