No one knows where it could be: Why the beloved Southwest Florida eagle Harriet is not returning back?

FORT MYERS, Florida — Harriet, a beloved eagle in Southwest Florida, hasn’t been seen in the nest with her babies for a few days, and no one knows where she could be.

Monday, the people who run the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam wrote on Facebook about how M-15 has been taking care of things while Harriet has been away. As of February 6, there was still no sign that she would come back.

The people who run the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam said on Monday that the momma bird hasn’t been seen on camera since Thursday afternoon. She yelled at people who were in the area before she left.

People are talking about what happened, and fans are hoping that the show will come back.

Part of the Facebook post says, “Both the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) and the FWC are aware of the situation.” “The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), not the people who own the cameras, makes all decisions about Bald Eagles.”

Since Harriet has been gone for more than three days, M15 has been taking care of E21 and E22, his two young. He has even brought food back to the nest.

In the post, the owners said, “He isn’t used to not having a mate to take care of the young.” “He is used to having his own time away from the nest, and it is amazing how quickly he has changed this behavior.”

It’s “very hard” for one eagle to raise its young on its own, and there aren’t many examples of success, but it’s not impossible.

People say that M15 does his best to make sure that both eaglets get enough food during the day.

“We are sad and don’t know what will happen to our beloved eagle family,” the post said. “Please know that we all want the best for this eagle family, but we need to keep in mind that the final decision about what to do is up to the right people.”

Egg 1 was laid on November 29, and Egg 2 was laid on December 2. Since then, Harriet and M15 have taken turns sitting on the eggs with great patience.

Last year, the pair was able to raise two eaglets, which drew a lot of attention from the public. People love to watch the tiny birds grow and thrive on live cams.

“Harriet and M15 have been together for a long time and are very close. They use their smarts and instincts to take care of their family and protect their territory “In an online post from the past, Dick Pritchett Real Estate said. “Even though they’ve been through a lot of hard times, they’ve also had a lot of great successes.”

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