Significant changes in Florida’s tax policy: Florida residents can soon now how their tax money are being spent

NAPLES, Florida — On February 13, 2023, Florida Governor Ron Desantis announced a plan to control how your tax money is invested and how Florida banks lend money.

At the SouthWestern State Colleg in Naples, DeSantis met with Senate President Kathleen Passidomo and House Speaker Paul Renner to talk about two big changes.

First, they came up with a plan that says local and state governments shouldn’t be able to invest in index funds that are made up of companies with certain environmental, social, and political views.

These kinds of investments are called ESG investments, which stands for Environment, Society, and Government.

The plan also wants to stop people from using so-called “social credit scores.” These are ways that banks and loan companies work that take things like race into account. Lawmakers say that the way these loans are given out is unfair to Floridians as a whole.

The proposal is one of several that will be looked at during the spring legislative session.

Jordan Collins

Jordan is an experienced editor with years in the journalism and reporting industry. He loves talking with the community about the problems local residents face and state politics. You can find him in the gym almost every day or see him jogging.

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