Jewish-Catholic student fight incident is getting more serious as new details have emerged

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Florida – Students from Scheck Hillel Community School, a Jewish school in Ojus, and Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School, a Roman Catholic school in The Hammocks, got into a fight recently. An investigation into the fight is still going on, and on Friday, new evidence came to light.

Dr. David Feldbaum thought about what his son had been through when he heard that Archbishop Coleman Carroll students had said hurtful antisemitic slurs during a boys’ soccer state championship tournament game on Wednesday night.

Tila Levi, a parent at Scheck Hillel, said on Thursday that her children told her, “Hitler was right.”

Feldbaum said on Friday that his 14-year-old son, who plays soccer at David Posnack Jewish Day School in Davie, had told him that Archbishop Coleman Carroll students had used antisemitic slurs during another game a few weeks ago.

“During the whole game, the Posnack students were called “dirty Jews” and told that “Hitler was right,” Feldbaum said.

Friday afternoon, Paulina Dominguez posted more witness videos and said that her son plays soccer for the Archbishop Coleman Carroll team and that she doesn’t believe the accusations.

“There was perfect sportsmanship,” Dominguez said, adding that a kid jumped out of the crowd and onto the field to confront Archbishop Coleman Carroll students “for some strange reason.”

When Scheck Hillel lost their home game by 2-1, chaos broke out. Dominguez said that students at Archbishop Coleman Carroll were having a party. They were moving on to the semifinals on February 18 for a chance to win the state title.

Dominguez said she doesn’t think the Archbishop Coleman Carroll student players, who speak English as a second language, even know the “very specific and descriptive” antisemitic slurs that were reported.

A worried parent who didn’t want to be named sent Local 10 News a screenshot of a comment by “jonbe.z” on Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School’s Instagram page that said, “You will pay for this, mfers. Two of your boys will die, so get them ready.”

Another screenshot sent by the worried parent shows a comment from Instagram user “ifillthat” on the @OnlyInDade IG page that says, “Looks like we’re going to Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School this weekend. I guess some of these kids need a hole in their chests,”

Administrators from both schools said in a joint statement Thursday afternoon that an investigation was going on because they have “zero tolerance for any kind of aggressive language or behavior, antisemitism, or any other kind of hate.”

The schools also said they told the Florida High School Athletic Association and made a plan to take “appropriate action” and “build understanding between both schools” in line with their “mutual commitment to safety, respect, and forgiveness.”

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