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Florida Highway Patrol Trooper injured by drunk driver in Broward County

Broward County, Florida – A trooper from the Florida Highway Patrol was injured by a drunk driver in Broward County in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

According to the crash report, a 20-year-old driver of a Jeep traveling in the southbound lanes of Interstate 95 collided with a marked Dodge Charger that was inside construction lanes enclosed by cones with its lights on.

The Jeep hit the front end of the Charger, resulting in the trooper suffering an incapacitating injury to his right leg. The drunk driver was taken to the hospital for medical clearance due to alcohol intoxication before being taken to jail for driving under the influence.

This is an ongoing story, and more details will be released as they become available. It is another reminder of the dangers of drunk driving and the importance of staying alert and cautious on the road. It also highlights the risks that law enforcement officers face while working to keep our roads safe.

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