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Contractor killed, U.S. troops injured in attack on a Coalition base in Syria; U.S. conducts airstrikes in response

A US contractor lost their life and six other US service members and contractors sustained injuries in a devastating incident that took place on Thursday, following an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) strike on a maintenance facility situated in a Coalition base near Hasakah in northeastern Syria, according to Dallas Metro News. The intelligence community has confirmed that the UAV was of Iranian origin, adding further to the already tumultuous relationship between the two countries.

Following the tragic incident, the United States has responded with precision airstrikes in eastern Syria. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III has confirmed that these strikes were targeted at facilities being used by groups affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in response to this attack as well as recent attacks on coalition forces in Syria.

President Biden has given a direct order for all necessary measures to be taken to defend US personnel and promises to respond at a time and place of the United States’ choosing. The airstrikes are intended to limit the risk of escalation and minimize casualties. Secretary Austin emphasizes that no group will be allowed to strike US troops with impunity.

While the United States mourns the loss of the contractor and prays for the speedy recovery of the injured, Secretary Austin has assured that the country’s thoughts are with the families of the deceased and injured personnel. Two of the service members who were injured received treatment at the site, while three others and the contractor were evacuated to Coalition medical facilities in Iraq. The US remains committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of its personnel across the globe.

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