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Arrest made in a fatal DUI crash that claimed one life

Sunrise, Florida – A March traffic accident that left one pedestrian dead and another seriously injured has taken a new turn as the driver responsible has been arrested and charged.

The driver’s name is Briana Nakuisha Russell, who is 26 years old. On Friday morning, she stood before a judge who told her she has to pay $120,000 to get out of jail while she waits for her trial.

The deadly accident took place on a street called N University Drive in a town called Sunrise.

Police say that Russell and a friend spent the evening drinking alcohol at a place called Las Olas. They later decided to stop driving for a bit because Russell was feeling drunk.

But when Russell started driving again, she couldn’t control the car and the accident happened. This was just a few streets away from her home in Sunrise.

After the accident, the police took a blood sample from Russell. The test showed that her blood alcohol level was 0.197, which is more than double the legal limit of 0.08.

Because of all this, Russell is now facing charges. These include causing a death because of bad driving, driving while drunk, and driving recklessly.

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