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What does the McDonald’s logo really stand for? — You’ll never see it the same way again!

The globally renowned fast-food chain McDonald’s, recognized by its iconic golden arches, may carry a meaning that is startling for some customers. With an estimated value of $211.63 billion, McDonald’s is undeniably one of the world’s largest corporations.

The popular assumption is that the ‘M’ in the logo stands for McDonald’s – a reasonable conclusion. However, an unexpected theory, featured in Eric Schlosser’s book ‘Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal’, proposes that the company’s logo, when inverted, bears resemblance to a pair of breasts.

The hypothesis stems from Schlosser’s claim that McDonald’s executives intended to modify the logo, but Louis Cheskin, the head designer, protested, unveiling an alternative interpretation. Cheskin, responsible for reshaping the company’s business model in the 1960s, prioritized simplicity and uniformity, aiming to create a consistent atmosphere across all outlets.

The revamped restaurants featured brick walls and mansard roofs, diverging from the slanted roofs that patrons were familiar with at the time. Schlosser suggests that Cheskin equated the logo with the concept of ‘mother McDonald breasts’, implying a subconscious comforting effect on customers. Cheskin was allegedly adamant about retaining the design, asserting that ‘s** sells’, as indicated by some reports.

The theory has circulated widely on the internet, eliciting mixed reactions. Some individuals admit that they are unable to ‘unsee’ the proposed interpretation. “Wait, the McDonald’s logo was made from the idea of…b***s?” one person inquires, while another remarks, “I’ll never look at McDonald’s golden arches the same way.” “Friendly reminder that the McDonald’s logo is just b***s,” another tweet reads.

Conversely, others dismiss the theory, suggesting it requires an overly active imagination. “In what universe does that logo upside down even begin to resemble a pair of breasts?” one person questions, while another jests, “Mcdonald’s logo was intentionally made to look like b***s to give the impression of nourishing breasts in order to remind people of hunger.”

Although there is no definitive evidence to confirm that the McDonald’s logo was intentionally designed to resemble breasts, the straightforward design has undeniably become one of the most recognizable symbols worldwide.

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