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Teen faces long road to recovery after devastating fireworks accident in Lauderhill

Lauderhill, Florida – The Fourth of July celebrations took a tragic turn for a 13-year-old boy who was critically injured during a fireworks accident in Lauderhill.

In the early hours of the holiday, around 1 a.m., the Lauderhill Fire Rescue department transported the boy to Broward Health, which was already attending to five other patients with firework-related injuries, as per reports.

The adolescent suffered severe burns to his face and chest. In addition, due to the extent of his injuries, partial amputation of the fingers on his right hand was necessary.

Authorities initially suggested that the young man was attempting to ignite high-grade, mortar-style fireworks when the accident occurred. However, his grandmother contradicted this account, indicating that he was merely tidying up after the celebrations had ended.

Lauderhill Fire Chief Jerry Gonzalez showcased the type of fireworks involved in the incident, describing them as “high-grade mortar-type fireworks. They drop a ball – mortar barrel – and they fly into the air.”

The boy’s grandmother reported that the teenager believed the firework had already been deployed. However, the firework ignited the moment he handled it. Witnesses recounted hearing a loud explosion and seeing the boy collapse.

As immediate first responders, the boy’s family attempted to provide basic first aid until paramedics arrived. “They heard a boom and saw him go to the ground,” Johnson said. “The family started to treat him. Walk him up front and treat him with a T-shirt they had on scene.”

Fire Marshall Matthew Newman underscored the life-altering nature of such injuries. Newman said, “This is someone whose life is going to be forever changed. Not have the same qualities or capabilities prior to this.”

The latest update indicates that the boy is in stable condition as of Wednesday.

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