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Hillsboro Boulevard Bridge safety concerns remain unaddressed

Deerfield Beach, Florida – Safety concerns regarding pedestrians and cyclists on the Hillsboro Boulevard Bridge persist without immediate resolutions on the horizon.

Data provided by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) indicates that protective barriers will only be established once the bridge undergoes expansion. Notably, design considerations for this endeavor aren’t scheduled to commence until 2026, with an unspecified date for construction.

Upon eventual execution of this plan, the broader design envisions a shared use path on the bridge’s southern flank to accommodate cyclists, pedestrians, and runners. This pathway will be fortified with a barrier for added safety. However, due to the spatial constraints posed by the bridge tender’s residence, the northern side cannot accommodate a similar path.

The bridge, which traverses the Intracoastal Waterway, stands as the sole beach access point for the city and experiences consistent traffic throughout the year. James Dowd, a regular commuter on this bridge, shared his perspective, stating, “I walk across the bridge multiple times a day and each time I feel like I’m walking through a firing range. It’s only a matter of time before a speeding car jumps the 10-inch curb and kills a pedestrian, or a pedestrian is knocked into the road by a skateboarder, scooter or bike.”

District 1 Commissioner Mike Hudak has repeatedly voiced his apprehensions to FDOT. His consistent appeal for heightened barriers, however, has yet to gain approval. FDOT’s consistent response to Commissioner Hudak emphasizes that any potential alterations will be considered during the bridge’s redesign phase.

In recent communication about the proposed 2026 redesign, Commissioner Hudak highlighted that this protracted timeline echoes sentiments he’s been presented with since 2019.

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