Wheelchair-bound boy has died after mom and stepdad starved him to a point of no return then they used his monthly disabilities money to pay for luxury clothes and expensive trips for months after he passed away; sentenced

According to court documents, 43-year-old Lisa pleaded guilty a few months ago in the case of her son’s death, and she was sentenced earlier this week. The teenage boy, disabled and wheelchair-bound, died in 2021 after his mother and stepdad reportedly neglected him for an extended period of time that led to his death. As this case started to unfold, prosecutors revealed that the duo used the victim’s monthly disability money to pay for expensive trips and luxury clothes for nearly a year after the boy’s death.

The boy, identified in court documents as Jordan, 17, weighed only 55 pounds when he died in May 2021. Just months prior to his death, he had weighed 114 pounds, meaning that he lost more than half of his weight in a very short period of time. Prosecutors also presented evidence in which Brooks previously revealed that he once spent 11 days in his wheelchair without being put to bed. Jordan was a cerebral palsy patient who was wheelchair-bound, and he was not able to take care of himself.

The boy lived with his mother and stepdad, identified as Anthony, in their NY home. An autopsy report on Jordan’s body revealed that most of Jordan’s body was covered in bed wou-ds. In addition to that, photos revealed in court by prosecutors clearly showed metal implants protruding from Jordan’s skin. According to authorities, the mother was constantly leaving her son with his diapers unchanged for days before his death.

It was further revealed that Jordan was receiving monthly disability money, and Jordan’s mother was a representative payee. While he was still alive, the mother used that money to cover her own expenses instead of using the money for the boy. But she even went a step further. Lisa continued to receive those funds even after Jordan’s death, and she used them to pay for luxury clothes and expensive, out-of-state trips with her partner Anthony. The theft was discovered by the authorities nearly a year after the victim’s death.

Lisa’s attorney said in court that Lisa was a good mother and was taking care of her son until the pandemic hit, since she lost the support of multiple institutions. She allegedly became “overwhelmed” by the pandemic that led to Jordan’s death.

Jordan’s stepfather is also facing charges in the case, as he was part of Jordan’s and his mother’s lives. Anthony is charged with second-degree murder but decided to go on trial because he refused to enter a guilty plea. According to Anthony’s attorney, his client was not responsible for the boy since he was neither the teenager’s biological father nor legal guardian and never adopted him. The trial is scheduled for a later date.

Earlier this month, Lisa was sentenced to two years in federal prison for using her son’s benefits. Earlier this week, she was sentenced to 20 years in a state prison and five years of post-release supervision for a count of first-degree assault. She will spend less time behind bars for the homicide charge of second-degree manslaughter—five to 15 years in prison. The sentences will run concurrently, Law and Crime reported.

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