Mother knew something was wrong with her 3yo son’s foot for a month but did not take him to the hospital until she started also experiencing pain in her foot, only to turn out her son may need to have his leg amputated; arrested

Police said a 28-year-old mother, later identified as Amber, has been arrested and charged with felony neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury following the neglect of her 3-year-old son, who suffered extreme frostbite due to living in a house without heat during freezing temperatures.

The situation came to light when Amber brought her son to a local hospital on January 19, complaining of foot pain for both herself and her child. The medical examination revealed a shocking condition: the child’s foot had turned black due to severe frostbite, a direct result of exposure to bitterly cold temperatures. Surgeons attempted to save the boy’s foot by removing the damaged tissue, but they later indicated that amputation below the knee might still be necessary. This medical emergency prompted hospital staff to contact law enforcement, leading to Amber’s arrest.

During the investigation, police uncovered that Amber, her son, and other family members were living in a home under inhumane conditions, lacking heat and running water due to frozen pipes. Amber confessed to noticing a discoloration in her son’s foot 2-3 weeks prior to going to the hospital, but it then became normal again. She also told authorities that 2-3 days before going to the hospital, his foot looked normal and maybe a little drained of color, but she delayed visiting the hospital until she began experiencing foot pain herself. The child’s grandmother, also a resident of the household, said she was unaware of the boy’s deteriorating condition until she was helping him put his shoes on as they were preparing to go to the hospital.

Further complicating the case, Amber made alarming confessions to the police. She admitted to using heroin and methamphetamine and claimed responsibility for the death and burial of one of her twins born the previous year. However, a search of the premises found no evidence of human remains. This is not Amber’s first encounter with child welfare issues; in 2015, two of her children were removed due to poor living conditions. The police department emphasized the importance of community vigilance in protecting vulnerable children. “This investigation is still active and ongoing, but it’s so important for adults — not just police and hospital personnel — to speak up for kids whenever we have a case like this.”

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