Boyfriend threw his girlfriend’s toddler across rooms because the boy ripped his diaper and made a mess in the home, then took a belt and beat him until he became unresponsive before the couple lied to police they were involved in an accident; arrested!

According to police, a couple has been arrested and is facing serious charges after a 21-month-old boy was beaten and later died after they did not get him medical help. The man, later identified as Francisco, is charged with first-degree murder and child abuse after he reportedly killed his girlfriend’s son after throwing him across rooms, forcefully feeding him, and beating him with a belt, resulting in the child’s death, while the toddler’s mother, later identified as Maria, is charged with child abuse as she was aware of the long-term abuse her son suffered at the hands of her boyfriend but did nothing to prevent his actions and help the little boy.

According to court documents, the incident came to light when Maria discovered her son unresponsive with clear signs of injury after returning from work. Opting not to seek immediate medical care, Maria and Francisco transported the boy to a local pharmacy, where emergency services were called. Paramedics said the boy’s body had evidence of extensive physical harm and signs of chronic abuse, including numerous bruises, broken bones, and cuts to his face and head. They transported the child to a hospital, where he was declared dead.

Initially, Francisco told authorities they were involved in an accident but later admitted to fabricating this story during police interrogation. He later confessed that his forceful feeding attempts likely caused some of the toddler’s facial injuries. An autopsy revealed the boy suffered critical internal injuries leading to his death, which were classified as homicide due to internal bleeding from severe organ damage. Following this, Francisco shared in a subsequent police interview that after a park visit, the boy ripped his diaper and made a mess in the home that led to a violent reaction from him, including throwing the child and using a belt for punishment. Shortly after, the child started vomiting and became unresponsive.

Both Francisco and Maria are currently being held in jail as they await further legal proceedings. Francisco’s bail is set at $1.5 million, while Maria’s bail is $500,000.

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