Boyfriend and mother of 10-year-old boy, who begged officers not to send him home to his mother, used a taser on him as “there wasn’t a law against it” and beat him with a belt when he wouldn’t complete his chores within time limit; charged

According to police records, a 38-year-old woman, later identified as Jamie, and her 36-year-old boyfriend, later identified as Robert, are facing serious charges after allegations of repeated abuse against the woman’s 10-year-old son have come to light.

Jamie and Robert have been charged with two counts of child abuse following claims that they subjected Jamie’s son to severe physical abuse. The case was brought to the attention of the authorities in a rather unconventional manner, stemming from an incident at a local elementary school that was initially reported as an assault and battery between students. It was here that the young victim, desperate and tearful, pleaded with a responding officer not to send him back home for fear of further punishment from his mother.

Investigations revealed a harrowing pattern of abuse, where the boy was subjected to physical harm for failing to meet time limits set by the couple for completing schoolwork or chores. According to the boy, failure to comply resulted in being hit with a tree branch, a method of punishment that was resorted to after a belt previously used for the same purpose broke. Further investigations into the case uncovered Jamie’s admission to a Department of Human Services (DHS) worker that she had used a taser on her son as a form of punishment. Despite being advised against such actions, Jamie allegedly said, “there wasn’t a law against her using the taser on her son.” Authorities found numerous scars on the boy’s body consistent with being tased, which confirmed the boy’s account of being tased “more times than he could count.”

The severity of the boy’s injuries was underscored by a clinical report, which assessed him as being at a high risk of further injury or even death if returned to his caregivers. The discovery of the taser, hidden within the couple’s bedroom despite Jamie’s claims of having disposed of it, added to the damning evidence against the pair. As the child abuse case was filed, arrest warrants were issued for Jamie and Robert, each under a $50,000 bond. Despite these developments, authorities said that the couple had moved out of their residence and had not yet been apprehended. Meanwhile, the young victim was taken into protective custody by DHS.

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