Woman said she was only defending herself from her 76-year-old physically disabled roommate and was afraid he would regain consciousness and kill her after she stabbed him several times with a knife, so she wrapped his legs and let him bleed to death; charged!

Prosecutors said that a 32-year-old woman, later identified as Arlene, has been charged with second-degree murder following the death of her 76-year-old physically disabled roommate, later identified as Gary, who suffered from Parkinson’s dementia. Arlene stands accused of stabbing and strangling Gary, then tying his ankles and wrapping his body in blankets.

Police discovered Gary’s body during a welfare check earlier this month. His body was found bound and concealed within blankets and a heated mattress pad, presenting a grisly scene for law enforcement officers, who also noted the absence of Gary’s van. Further investigation led to the arrest of Arlene, who was found driving the missing vehicle. Authorities say Arlene appeared under the influence of drugs when pulled over by a state patrol trooper. She was initially detained on drug charges after troopers found illegal substances in the van. Arlene allegedly informed them she was heading to the border and coming down from a methamphetamine high. Subsequently, a motor vehicle theft charge was added by prosecutors.

Arlene recounted to investigators the incident leading to Gary’s death. Arlene told investigators she went to investigate a noise in his bedroom that led to a violent altercation because he wouldn’t let her leave the room, despite his physical limitations due to Parkinson’s dementia. She confessed to stabbing him multiple times and attempting to sever his wrists with a knife. Arlene also claimed that during the altercation, Gary attacked her with a dehumidifier and tried to choke her, prompting her to cut the cord to escape.

After witnessing Gary bleed significantly, Arlene restrained his feet with the dehumidifier’s cord and wrapped his body because she was afraid he would regain consciousness and kill her. She then cleaned herself before fleeing in his van. The autopsy results revealed that Gary died of ligature strangulation and multiple sharp-force injuries. Arlene, who has a history of arrests for making terroristic threats, burglary, and harassment, is currently waiting to be extradited to her home state to face the murder charges. There is a possibility that she could be indicted for first-degree murder by a grand jury in the future.

Raymond Simpson

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