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Flight delays in South Florida and across the country this weekend

Miami, Florida – Flight delays with American Airlines are causing problems for travelers across the country this weekend.
Long lines inside Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport around the departures section and similar scenes could be seen at Miami International Airport.
“It was supposed to be a really good company, I always travel with them, but lately they failed,” said Mexico City-bound traveler Rachel, who did not give her last name. “The line was like super, super big and no one told us anything.”
Passengers like Rachel were left scrambling to find a way home. “It’s horrible, the fact that there is no compassion,” said Deshane Philip, who was flying to the Virgin Islands. “A two-month-old baby that was premature, we haven’t been asked, ‘do you guys need assistance’? We stayed on the line for three hours. My son has been crying the whole time.”
According to another stranded passenger, since Saturday, two of his flights have been canceled and his elderly mother-in-law is suffering. “She’s 84 she has dementia,” said Eddy Batres, who is traveling to Central America. “She got Alzheimer’s and she is caught off guard here. She fainted twice today.”
Rachel said she was heading to Mexico City when her flight was canceled 20 minutes before the scheduled boarding time.
According to American Airlines, the weather is the main reason for the delays. “With additional weather throughout the system, our staffing begins to run tight as crew members end up out of their regular flight sequences.”
“I’m a doctor, so I’m a little nervous I have to be back in Chicago to see my patients I have no way to call them and cancel them,” said Silvia Panitch, who was flying to Chicago.
On Sunday, a total of 21 American Airlines flights were canceled out of Miami International Airport due to crew shortages.
The travel nightmare left many forced to find alternative ways to get home.
“Just wait here,” said Enrique Varriga. “I have no place to go.”

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