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Versailles Cuban Restaurant celebrates 50 years

Little Havana, Florida — Versailles Cuban Restaurant is celebrating 50 years!
The Little Havana staple has been serving up Cuban cuisine since 1971.
The restaurant is throwing a big celebration.
“I come out here all the time,” says Tomás Naranjo.
Naranjo remembers a time before Versailles was here.
“Since very small,” he says. “I was 8 years old. I used to come out with my dad.”
People gathered around the ventanita where it all began.
“Well, I actually missed my flight yesterday,” laughs Andrea Mesa, who is visiting from Chile. “So I said, OK, I’m going to Versailles and having fun!”
“I am staying with a friend who is Cuban and she said, ‘Go to Versailles and take back a cafecito or cortadito!’” Mesa says.
As part of the celebration, Versailles is featuring a throwback menu from 1971 with the original prices, like croquetas for 20 cents.

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