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Beach-clean up planned for this morning at Vanderbilt Beach

NAPLES, Fla. — There are some good people in Naples who are trying everything they can to help keep the beaches clean.

At Vanderbilt Beach this morning, a group of people were picking up trash along the shoreline.

The Naples Beach Cleanup Facebook group is managed by the Healthy Earth Organization. They do this on a monthly basis, picking a different beach each time to clean up and maintain it in its best condition. This particular month is Vanderbilt Beach.

They will provide you with drinks and food; all they want is your presence.

They do this as a regular part of the beach cleanup, and they are on the lookout for potential nests of the wildlife that lives in Southwest Florida. Wildlife such as sea turtles and birds.

The nests are then reported, and a barrier, like the ones you may have seen at the beach before, is put up around them to warn people to maintain their distance.

Anyone is welcome to come and clean up the area. Pre-registration with the organization is all that is required.

This morning, they will begin at 9:00 a.m. The cleaning continued till 11 o’clock. There is further information available online right here.

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