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Court order recognizing LGBTQ campus at Yeshiva University temporarily blocked

A court ruling that would have required Yeshiva University to recognize an LGBTQ organization as an official campus club has been temporarily blocked by the Supreme Court.

On Friday, the court issued a short order signed by Justice Sonia Sotomayor indicating that the court will have more to say on the subject at some time in the future.

The university, a New York-based Orthodox Jewish school, said that recognizing the YU Pride Alliance “would violate its true religious convictions.”

The group countered that Yeshiva has previously recognized a homosexual pride club at its law school.

A judge in the state of New York agreed with the student organization and ordered the institution to immediately recognize the club. The issue is now on appeal in the state court system, but judges there have declined to stay the order until the outcome of the appeal.

In recent years, the Supreme Court has been very open to religious freedom concerns.

In June, conservatives with a 6-3 majority overturned a Maine law barring the use of public funding for religious institutions and declared that a Washington high school football coach had the right to pray on the field after games.

Raymond Simpson

Raymond Simpson is a California native, a longtime Coral Springs resident, and the Editor at TSFD. He lives with his family in Coral Springs, where you can find him on weekends running – literally running – with his two golden retrievers.

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