Wesley Wells Farm offers pumpkins, fruits and vegetables picking

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — Although it has been operating for many years, Wesley Wells Farm has just recently started welcoming visitors.

“We were just going to do a few rows of pumpkins to see if they grew in Florida and someone [Wesley] wanted to plant acres of them so we had to figure out a way to sell,” Amanda Wells said.  “We opened up fall of 2020 and we let people come out and pick pumpkins and we also have our family garden out there and they picked that too.”

Pumpkins and other fruits and vegetables that are in season may be picked by the customer at the farm.

“They can get an experience of what it’s like where their food grows and they’ll get to harvest it themselves and fill up 5-gallon buckets for a flat rate,” Wells said.

“Farm Fridays” and other events, such as the succulent pumpkin workshop that will take place this coming Friday at 5:30 p.m., will be held at the Wells throughout the autumn season.

“Instead of just picking your pumpkins, if you’re not into that you can still do a pumpkin activity we do succulent pumpkin workshops and you’ll get to come and decorate it making it really cute for the holidays,” Wells said.

After the month of November, visitors will also have the opportunity to spend the night at the farm.

“We also have a glamping tent so that people can really experience what it’s like to spend the night on the farm,” Wells said.

For more information about fall events happening, check out the Wesley Wells Farm Facebook by clicking here.

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