Hurricane Ian is eroding South Brevard beaches similar to Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Irma

MELBOURNE BEACH, Fla. – Officials in Brevard County said that Hurricane Ian is damaging beaches in the same way as Hurricanes Matthew and Irma did five and six years ago.

The storm caused far more damage to the dunes than first anticipated near Melbourne Beach. The storm surge at Coconut Point Park was just a foot or two high, but it was enough to force sand all the way onto the beach access ramp.

Marie Broccoli stated, “I was terrified I was going to get trapped,” and she was right to be concerned.

On Tuesday, the woman who lives in Palm Bay pushed her mother, Helen, who is 96 years old, in a wheelchair so that they could watch the surf.

Broccoli remarked that the water level was rather high. There is no dry sand here, and there is scarcely any beach space at all.

According to the county, the millions of dollars spent on beach renourishment projects after Hurricanes Matthew and Irma are helping to preserve the county’s infrastructure.

In reference to the initiatives, Broccoli said, “I believe it is worth it.”

Both she and her mother are of the opinion that it would be smart to begin a fresh restoration project.

Opponents have said that the projects are a waste of money and that the beaches need to be kept up in order to attract tourists. The county has responded to these claims.

Broccoli said, “The beaches are wonderful, which is one of the reasons why we relocated from Rhode Island,” adding, “And I could keep bringing my mom.”

The beach project manager for the county said that ultimately, after reviewing the losses, he would bring that information to the county commission, and the commission would ultimately determine whether or not the extra maintenance work is justified.

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