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Lee County offers free mosquito traps after Hurricane Ian

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — Lee County Mosquito Control offers a new tool to help protect you and your family from mosquito bites.

As personnel continue to combat the recent spike in mosquito populations that has occurred after Hurricane Ian, the district in charge of Ft. Myers kicked up a program on Tuesday to provide homes with free mosquito traps.

The public information officer for the district, Eric Jackson, said that there has been some evidence of a decline in the number of mosquitoes.

“The progress is we’re seeing the numbers going down out there when we’re doing our surveillance, so that’s a good thing,” Jackson said.

After big weather changes, the traps are meant to give you a break from the bugs and protect you from them.

“This attracts mosquitos to want to flag their eggs in that container that is treated with insecticides that kill mosquitoes so it’s all contained in the trap,” said Jackson.

The generous gift of 30,000 traps came from Inzecto, who recently made a gift to the county.

A corporation with headquarters in Gainesville is responsible for the production of the traps.

The website of the firm claims that the trap may function without the need for power; all that is required of the user is to fill it with water, position it so that it is in the shadow, and not touch it. There is no spraying or zapping that takes place. The trap does not bring good bugs like bees or other pollinators to the spot where it is set up.

The county plans to distribute the traps in a number of different places this week.

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