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Suspect dead after officer-involved shooting in Woodstock area

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, a shooting involving an officer took place in the Woodstock area of Jacksonville, and it resulted in the death of a suspect.

An investigation into a ‘known fentanyl dealer’ that may be tied to an overdose fatality that occurred a week ago was being conducted by a Narcotic Overdose Squad at about 12:30 p.m., according to a statement released by the JSO.

During the time that the team was conducting surveillance, JSO believed that they had located the suspect, who was operating a vehicle at the time. According to the police, they made an attempt to pull the man over, but he fled on foot somewhere around Cane Lane.

According to JSO, the foot pursuit went all the way down to the 5800 block of Cane Lane, at which point JSO officers allegedly told the guy to cease running. According to the police, it was at this point that the guy took out a revolver and started firing.

JSO reports that there were no injuries sustained by the detectives who returned fire after being fired upon. Authorities said nobody was hit.

According to JSO, the suspect kept running toward a separate property on Broadway Avenue and entered the home there.

The man has no connection to the home, and as a result, he will be charged with armed burglary, police say.

JSO reports that not long after that, the individual came into contact with two separate investigators as he was walking along Broadway Avenue. According to the JSO, the suspect then opened fire on the officers once again at that moment. According to the police, the individual was hit by the detectives’ return fire, and he then fell into the front yard of a house.

According to the JSO, the guy was still holding the pistol with his finger on the trigger when a K-9 was brought over to assist the police in dissuading him from continuing his threat.

The man’s death in the front yard was confirmed by the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department when they went to the scene.

An impartial inquiry is now being carried out by the State Attorney’s Office.

The investigation resulted in many bullets being fired by investigators, according to the police.

The identity of the suspect has not been made public by JSO at this time, pending notification of next of kin.

The Jacksonville Police Department reports that there have been 380 fatal overdoses so far this year in the city.

The Narcotic Overdose Squad has been around for three years, and its stated goal is to “try to find these dangerous drug traffickers.”

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