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Tri-Rail service will return to its normal weekday schedule on Friday

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. – After the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority has finished inspecting the South Florida Rail Corridor, Tri-Rail service is likely to start up again on Friday.

The SFRTA authorities said that the crossing gates had been removed on the north end of the corridor in Palm Beach County, which is the location where the hurricane was expected to make landfall, and that they would be reinstalled on Thursday.

They said that the SFRTA removes crossing gates anytime persistent winds of 39 mph are expected to be in the forecast.

“Initial reports show that there has been no major damage to the railroad as a result of this storm,” said David Dech, SFRTA Executive Director. “We realize it was an inconvenience for our passengers to shut down but not knowing how the storm was going to affect us, we erred on the side of caution to keep our staff and passengers safe.”

On Friday, Tri-Rail service will resume, and it will return to its normal weekday schedule.

Passengers may get further information on Tri-Rail service by checking www.tri-rail.com, calling 1-800-TRI-RAIL (874-7245), or following Tri-Rail on Facebook and Twitter.

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