Story of the day: NCH North Naples Hospital employees started an online fundraiser and helped one of their colleagues!

NAPLES, Florida — Thomas Dukes has been taking the bus from his home in Immokalee to NCH North Naples Hospital every day for 22 years. It takes him four hours to get there.

But on Monday afternoon, Thomas was the first person to drive himself home from work.

When one of Thomas’s coworkers saw how long it took him to get to work, they started a fundraiser online to help him buy a car. 314 people helped raise more than $16,000 in just a few days.

Thomas said, “I just can’t believe it right now” as he walked out of the main entrance of the hospital and saw dozens of his coworkers cheering for him. Thomas’s new car was behind them.

Thomas’s coworkers were also able to give him a $3,000 check to help pay for car insurance and gas.

Thomas said, “It shows that you should never give up on people because you never know what they can do for you.” “This experience has taught me a lot.”

Watch the video above to see how Thomas’s surprise happened.

Lowell Bowen

From the time he was 8 years old Lowell knew he wanted to be on TV. Well, as people say one thing leads to another, that's how Lowell started his career in the news industry. Lowell has been part of The South Florida Daily since the very beginning.

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