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Brightline partneres with Uber to meet customer demand and enhance the company’s Brightline+ program

Brightline’s Aventura station and the new Boca Raton station, which opened in December 2022, made up 27% of the private rail system’s total ridership in January 2023.

Brightline’s January ridership and revenue report says that 42,391 of the 157,137 total riders were from Boca Raton and the Aventura location at 19796 W Dixie Hwy. Both of these locations are expected to be strong contributors to ridership growth through 2023.

“Results for the new Aventura and Boca Raton stations are promising, and we think that once they reach stability, the new stations will bring in a lot more passengers and money each year,” the report said.

In October 2022, a 68-ton, 131-foot-long pedestrian skybridge was put up on two 41-foot-tall towers to mark the completion of the station, which cost the county an estimated $76.7 million. The company said that people would use elevators or escalators to get to the bridge.

Brightline said at the time that it would run many express trips between Aventura and downtown Miami during the morning and evening rush hours, when it was built to connect Miami to Orlando by fast train. The plan says it will take 17 minutes to get there. The 3.5-acre station and parking lot have 240 parking spots, a place for Miami-Dade Transit riders to get off the bus, and newly landscaped and hardscaped areas.

Brightline has also teamed up with Uber to meet customer needs and improve its Brightline+ program. Brightline+ is the company’s door-to-door first- and last-mile mobility service that lets customers easily book car connections through the Brightline app.

Brightline+’s fleet of transportation options will grow thanks to the partnership, and people will be able to use as many vehicles as they want for a reasonable price. When booking a train ticket, guests can now add a private or shared Uber ride.

Brightline’s president, Patrick Goddard, said, “It’s very important for our customers that getting to and from our stations is easy and quick.” “This partnership meets the needs and wants of our guests by giving them access to an online fleet of vehicles that can take them from door to door when they use Brightline.”

This is also the first time Uber has connected directly to a high-speed rail service between cities in the United States.

“Uber’s head of transit partnerships, Dmitriy Vanchugov, said that the partnership with Brightline is a continuation of Uber’s work to complement public transportation and increase access to transportation in South Florida. “By making it easy for Brightline users to use Uber, we can close the gap between the first and last mile and bring all shared mobility options under one roof, making it easier and more convenient for customers.”

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