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Fort Lauderdale mayor meets with Biden administration officials for flood relief

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Mayor Dean Trantalis arrived back in South Florida on Thursday after a day-long visit to the nation’s capital, where he and the city manager met with officials of the Biden administration to implore for federal assistance in the aftermath of a disastrous flooding incident that occurred earlier this month.

In Fort Lauderdale, the raging storm from April 12th caused more than 800 homes to be inundated with over a foot and a half of floodwater. Even the city’s prestigious city hall was not spared, and is now indefinitely closed after the basement’s infrastructure was completely submerged by 8 feet of water.

In the absence of flood insurance coverage, many are eagerly awaiting FEMA’s disaster designation so that they can receive much-needed grants to offset the incurred costs.

“Our goal is to optimize the recovery effort and secure immediate assistance for our people. We are pleased with the progress made thus far, and we now await the final approvals from FEMA and the White House so that our city can begin its road to recovery,” Trantalis said.

Once the FEMA designation is issued, flood victims can be reimbursed for expenses that they have incurred such as water removal, replacement of household items, and hotel expenses. They are advised to retain all of their receipts and thoroughly document the damage to their homes.

Upon issuance of the designation, the city will establish a process through which flood-affected residents can apply for aid.

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