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Father sues private school, alleging discrimination against son with ADHD

Palm Beach County, Florida – A Delray Beach father has filed a lawsuit against Weiss Gifted and Talented School, a private institution in Palm Beach Gardens, alleging that his son was unfairly targeted and harassed by staff members due to his Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) diagnosis, which ultimately led to the child’s expulsion.

Marc Poulshock is seeking legal recourse against the school, which operates as a private business and establishes its own rules and regulations. Parents agree to these terms upon entering into a contract for enrollment.

The lawsuit asserts that Poulshock’s son was diagnosed with ADHD, yet the school failed to develop an appropriate plan to address the child’s needs. Instead, Poulshock contends that staff members singled out his son in an attempt to remove him from the school. The lawsuit cites instances where the child was accused of using inappropriate language, with one accusation later withdrawn. The school then demanded that Poulshock sign a “behavior contract” for his son to continue attending, which he refused.

Furthermore, Poulshock alleges that his son was physically assaulted at the school by another student who faced no disciplinary action or requirement to sign a “behavior” contract. He argues that his child is being unfairly targeted.

The complaint states: “It is egregious enough that this particular student was not expelled, but the Weiss school did not force a behavior contract on this particular student as it has attempted to do to (Mr. Pouschock’s child)… The allegation concerning his repeating the phrase ’69’, and subsequent disciplinary action is retaliatory based on MPs disability.”

Following his son’s expulsion, Poulshock claims that it is too late in the school year to enroll in public school, and no private school will accept a student expelled from Weiss. The lawsuit seeks an injunction allowing the child to continue attending Weiss, as well as damages exceeding $50,000. Poulshock is represented by attorney Nathan Soowal of Pompano Beach.

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