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Principal responds to swastika graffiti at Cooper City High School, ensures hate won’t be tolerated

Cooper City, Florida – Graffiti featuring swastikas was recently discovered on the campus of Cooper City High School, prompting the principal to send a letter to students and their parents, emphasizing that hate will not be tolerated.

Principal Vera Perkovic revealed in her letter that at least one student has been identified as being involved and has faced “appropriate disciplinary consequences.” She added that any other students found to be involved will also be subject to disciplinary measures.

Perkovic mentioned that “No Place for Hate” activities had been previously scheduled for this week, and their occurrence now proves particularly relevant. She wrote, “At Cooper City High School – we stand united with our community against hate, discrimination, racism, and antisemitism. In addition to “No Place For Hate” activities, we have also met with our community leaders and worked with our faculty, Holocaust teacher, Jewish Student Union, and peer counselors to provide educational opportunities for all our students.”

Although Perkovic did not specify when the offensive markings were discovered, she stated that school staff and security responded quickly to remove them.

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