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Broward School Board to recognize American Muslim Heritage Month

Broward County, Florida – A week after endorsing the National Day of Prayer, the Broward School Board is scheduled to vote on a resolution declaring May “American Muslim Heritage Month” during their upcoming meeting.

The resolution emphasizes the importance of freedom of religion as a fundamental right and cornerstone of the United States’ legal and ethical system. Broward County Public Schools takes immense pride in supporting individual religious freedoms and celebrates the diverse cultural traditions of its population, including those of American Muslims.

According to the resolution, the history of Islam in America can be traced back to before the nation’s founding, when enslaved Africans introduced Islam to the country. The document also acknowledges the numerous ways in which Muslims contributed to the nation’s establishment.

Furthermore, the resolution highlights the ongoing harassment, assault, and discrimination faced by American Muslims since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, which were perpetrated by Al-Qaeda, a militant Islamic extremist group.

Last week, the board voted 5-3 in favor of recognizing the National Day of Prayer, with board members Sarah Leonardi, Allen Zeman, and Jeff Holness opposing.

Leonardi, who voted against the resolution on legal and moral grounds, expressed her support for the transgender community, stating, “I think when we as a board, in a position of authority, urge people to participate in a faith-based celebration, it is inappropriate.”

Raymond Simpson

Raymond Simpson is a California native, a longtime Coral Springs resident, and the Editor at TSFD. He lives with his family in Coral Springs, where you can find him on weekends running – literally running – with his two golden retrievers.

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