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Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood hiring for high-paying public sector positions

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – The municipalities of Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, two of Broward County’s largest cities, are presently in the process of recruiting for a range of governmental positions that offer annual remuneration exceeding $60,000. The following is a summary of these recent public sector employment opportunities:

In Fort Lauderdale, the official city career page has provided several job listings that come with annual salaries over $60,000:

  • Fire Inspector: This role primarily entails conducting fire and life safety inspections to safeguard lives and property. The salary ranges from $59,384 to $87,048, with applications accepted until June 30.
  • Assistant City Attorney: This entry-level position is suitable for recent law school graduates or those with minimal experience. The role involves working in local government or municipal law under the guidance of an experienced attorney, providing legal assistance to various city entities. Salary ranges from $70,376.80 to $109,098.29, with ongoing acceptance of applications.
  • Accountant-Treasury: This position involves professional accounting duties, including maintenance and reconciliation of journals, ledgers, and financial reports, interpreting financial records, and preparing financial statements. Salary ranges from $51,450.67 to $79,784.02, with no specified application deadline.
  • Diesel Technician: This role requires operating and testing diesel-powered generators, pumps, and equipment, and performing diesel engine overhauls. Salary ranges from $51,450.67 to $79,784.02, with no application deadline listed.

Further positions include a Project Manager for Utilities, Police Psychologist, Non-Certified Police Officer, Project Manager with a specialization in Utility Undergrounding, Chief Accountant, Project Manager for Public Works Stormwater, and an additional Project Manager for Utilities.

In Hollywood, the city career page also lists multiple positions with annual salaries of at least $60,000:

  • Assistant City Engineer: This managerial and administrative role involves significant engineering work, including planning, directing, reviewing, analyzing, and coordinating engineering design and construction projects. The salary ranges from $88,671.54 to $141,874.47, with applications accepted until June 6.
  • Teletype Supervisor: This supervisory role involves managing employees in the Communications Center and overseeing the work of teletype operators. The salary ranges from $56,936.06 to $86,543.13, with applications accepted until June 12.

Other vacancies include a Certified Police Officer, Non-Certified Police Officer, School Resource Officer, and Municipal Prosecutor.

Candidates are encouraged to refer to the respective city career pages for further details, including comprehensive job descriptions and application procedures.

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