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Hollywood City addresses safety concerns at Bet Midrash School

Hollywood, Florida – The City of Hollywood has formally addressed concerns surrounding the Bet Midrash school’s operations.

The city has noted the number of messages and posts on social media attributing remarks about the school’s inauguration to city officials. In response, the city’s administrative team is accelerating the process of zoning approvals and permits, which are legally mandated to ensure the safety of the premises for all occupants, including students.

On August 21, 2023, the Chief Building Official of the city conveyed that the institution had yet to obtain the necessary permits and undergo the required inspections for its safe functioning. Subsequently, the building was designated unsafe, with pertinent notifications displayed at each access point.

Contrastingly, by August 28, a mere week later, it was observed that the prior safety warnings were absent and the building was in use. This prompted immediate evacuation measures and the reinstallation of the safety advisories due to the persisting hazardous conditions.

The city refrains from specifying an exact timeframe for the school’s compliance with the requisite safety norms. The primary objective is to expediently and legally address this matter.

In light of these developments, the city advises its residents to prudently consider their educational choices for their children. Such choices might entail the use of educational vouchers. The city is grateful for the residents’ comprehension and collaboration in this matter.

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