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Habitat for Humanity of Broward breaks ground on a new neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Habitat for Humanity of Broward recently initiated a groundbreaking event in Fort Lauderdale, underscoring their commitment to address the county’s housing challenges.

BBI Village, a forthcoming Habitat Broward Community, is poised to commence construction, marking a significant advancement for twenty families anticipating homeownership.

Robert Taylor, the CEO of Burdette Beckmann, Inc., remarked, “Within this space, we’re not just building homes, we’re building futures.” By the subsequent year, the present vacant plot is expected to metamorphose into a community of 20 townhomes, accommodating nearly 100 residents in BBI Village.

Taylor elaborated on the initiative’s core values, stating, “We can provide working families with a path toward lasting financial stability through home ownership. It’s a journey, as most of you know, that includes a lot of work on the homeowners’ part, comprehensive education and ensuring that their families have the tools and the knowledge needed for a brighter future.”

Considering the prevalent affordability issues in South Florida, the Taylor family and BBI have consistently collaborated with Habitat for Humanity, having constructed over 24 homes in previous endeavors. Their commitment surpasses $2 million for the realization of BBI Village in Fort Lauderdale.

Nancy Robin, the CEO of Habitat Broward, emphasized the importance of collective efforts, asserting, “Home ownership and affordable home ownership cannot happen without partnerships.” On a note of bipartisan cooperation, Taylor highlighted, “You saw Republicans and Democrats come together to fund this opportunity for people of Fort Lauderdale.”

Beyond BBI’s patronage, local legislative entities, inclusive of Fort Lauderdale’s land donation and financial contributions from both Broward County and Tallahassee, have played pivotal roles in this venture.

Reflecting on the overarching vision, Robin shared, “This will be an intentional community, and what we see through this Habitat process is just organically, a community is formed. Our vision is, we don’t build just homes, we build communities in hope, and this community is going to be one of just beauty and hope and belonging”

This project epitomizes the evolving landscape of community opportunities, fueled by the altruistic spirit of South Florida. As Taylor poignantly concluded, “And we hope to keep on going.”

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