Man made the biggest mistake of his life by offering help to a woman he met on social media with money and food for her and her children, as eventually the woman and her accomplice robbed, beat him, cut his neck, and threw him off a bridge, leaving him nearly dea

A man, whose identity was not made public by authorities, surely regrets the decision to offer money and food to a woman he recently met on social media for her and her children, as eventually the woman and her accomplice robbed him and tried to kill him, but fortunately he was able to survive.

The 25-year-old Natalie and her alleged uncle, 31-year-old Nafis, were arrested and taken into custody, and both of them are now facing several charges stemming from the attempted murder of the man who offered her help, including two counts of robbery and one count each of kidnapping, arson, and attempted murder. They are also facing drug-related charges.

According to a press release from the sheriff’s office, the incident took place at the beginning of October, when the victim started the conversation with Natalie on social media, promised to help her get some food, and agreed to meet at a restaurant. After dinner, unaware of her vicious intentions, the victim agreed to continue the “date” at Natalie’s home. As soon as they arrived, Natalie introduced the victim to a man whom she presented as her uncle Nafis. As the night went on, the three of them went for a ride and continued having “fun” until the victim asked to go home. That’s when things took a horrific turn.

After asking to go home, Nafis started beating him to the head, while Natalie put a knife in his throat, told him this was going to be his last night, and threatened to kill him. During an interview with authorities, the victim said that Natalie cut his neck while Nafis was beating him, and then Nafis pulled a knife and cut him on the neck as well. During the attack, they stole his shoes, cellphone, and $360 from him. Then the attackers tried to get rid of the victim, went to a nearby bridge, and threw him off into the water.

Fortunately, the victim was not dead and was able to swim to the bank of the river, where he passed out. He regained consciousness the next morning and started walking for several minutes, all covered in blood and without shoes, when he fortunately came across the sheriff’s deputies, received treatment, and told authorities about the incident. Deputies said the man was lucky to be alive, as he was suffering from severe injuries and barely walking when he flagged them down.

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