Special education teacher who shared inappropriate videos and pictures with a minor student and invited him to “fool around” at her home while her husband was out of town made a ridiculous excuse saying she thought he was an adult; charged

A 25-year-old special education teacher is facing serious charges after allegedly engaging in an “inappropriate relationship” for an extended period of time with a 16-year-old student from her school.

The teacher, Rikki, reportedly shared pictures depicting her na*ed and videos “playing” with se* toys with the minor student and was charged with promoting obsсеnitу in the first degree, furnishing po*nographic materials to a minor, tampering with a witness, attempted statutory ra*e in the second degree, tampering with physical evidence, and possession of child po*nography.

Authorities learned about the unlawful relationship between the teacher and the student, who has not been named due to his age, after receiving a tip about alleged se*ual contact and started with their investigation. According to the sheriff’s office, the teacher was the one who was pursuing the student the whole time, while the student did not feel comfortable and tried his very best not to engage with her.

The investigation revealed that Rikki first contacted the student through the social media platform Snapchat after the start of the school year, and shortly thereafter they both kissed one school day in the classroom. The student informed detectives that after their first kiss, things started moving so fast, and the teacher asked him for n*des and sent him n*de pictures and videos of herself using a di*do. While her husband was out of town for work, Rikki invited the student to her home to have se*, but the student declined the offer by making an excuse.

Rikki was suspicious that someone in the school learned about their relationship and asked the student to delete the content shared between them so she wouldn’t end up in prison. However, the student kept some of the images, which he eventually showed to detectives.

After talking to the student, authorities started questioning Rikki, who did not deny the alleged conduct between the two of them but said the student was the one who initiated the contact. She also told detectives that she was not aware of his age up until a day before they started interviewing her. According to reports, she voluntarily handed her cellphone for search, where authorities found several videos similar to those the student previously described. Rikki was placed on administrative leave while the investigation is ongoing. Her bond was set at $100,000, and she is scheduled for a court appearance on November 20.

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