Church apostle who lured, used, and forced a teenager to engage in sxually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing video material had also similarly used hundreds of young followers and rped them in the past

According to court records, a former minister and an apostle of an international church who has already been serving more than a 16-year sentence in prison for se-ually abusing young followers has recently been indicted on additional federal charges regarding the possession and production of se- abuse material.

Naason’s crimes were first brought to public attention in a press release by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). According to the DOJ, the 54-year-old Naason forced a minor, who was 16 years old at the time, into engaging in se-ually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing visual depictions of such conduct. Authorities made the shocking discovery after arresting Naason at an airport and seizing his iPad, which contained five videos depicting the minor in se-ual activities.

This recent development in Naason’s case adds to the already shocking revelations that came to light during his trial. In June 2022, Naason admitted to various child se- crimes after a lengthy prosecution. The conviction led to his current imprisonment. Despite these admissions and the guilty plea, the church has continued to support their leader, a stance that has been met with disappointment and criticism from the victims and their families.

The severity of García’s actions was highlighted during his 2022 sentencing hearing by the judge. Although the judge expressed his inability to reject the plea deal, he did not hold back in admonishing the family members who chose to support the church over the victims.

Adding to the gravity of the case, a lawsuit filed in September 2022 alleged that García ra-ed hundreds of victims. It also claimed that the church has long been engaged in the economic and sexual exploitation of children as part of its operations.

Raymond Simpson

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