Mothers, who acted surprised and claimed their children hit each other when they were found with serious injuries, beat the siblings with electrical cord as punishment for drawing and coloring in the home during school break; charged

Police officials said a female couple faced serious charges for the alleged abuse of their two young children. The 43-year-old woman, later identified as Ashanti, and the 46-year-old woman, later identified as Janice, were arrested and charged with two counts each of aggravated child abuse after their 7-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter, whose identities were not released due to their age, were observed with serious injuries on their bodies. The mother reportedly beat and whipped the siblings using electrical cable, shoes, and sticks multiple times as a punishment during their school break.

The incident came to the attention of authorities after a gym teacher, where the children studied, noticed severe injuries on the 7-year-old boy. The teacher’s observation and subsequent action set in motion an investigation that would uncover the details of the abuse.

The school’s gym teacher reported unusual behavior from the 7-year-old boy, who refused to take off his jacket and had missed classes earlier in the week. This behavior raised concerns, as the young boy never missed class, as per the teacher. Upon examination by the school nurse, fresh cuts were discovered on the boy’s arms. His sister, the 8-year-old, disclosed to school staff that their mothers would punish them by beating them with an electrical cable. The children showed authorities the extent of their injuries, which included multiple scars, bruises, and fresh cuts.

The children’s accounts were consistent and detailed, describing the abuse they suffered at the hands of their mothers. They told authorities their mothers beat them with a shoe and whipped them using an electrical cable or stick because they were coloring and drawing in their books.

When questioned by the police, both women acted surprised and claimed that the siblings inflicted injuries on each other. Despite their claims, the evidence led to their arrest. They were booked into the jail. Janice’s bond was set at $15,000, while Ashanti’s bond was at $10,000.

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