Gaetz secures Republican nomination for 1st Congressional District of Florida

Rep. Matt Gaetz secured the Republican nomination for the 1st Congressional District of Florida on Tuesday night.

Even though he was being investigated by the government for sex trafficking, the Trump supporter won the primary race in his Florida Panhandle district.

Gaetz beat his Republican opponent, Mark Lombardo, who was a former Marine and FedEx executive. Most people think that Gaetz will win a fourth term in November.

In Florida’s 1st Congressional District, the Democratic nomination for the seat in the United States House of Representatives went to Rebekah Jones.

Jones asserts that while working for the Department of Health, she was forced to alter COVID-19 data. DeSantis and other state officials deny the allegations.

Gaetz is subject to a federal inquiry into whether the Florida panhandle Republican congressman paid or provided gifts to teenage girls in return for sex.

Lowell Bowen

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