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US would help Taiwan if China attempted to invade

In another demonstration of official American backing for the island democracy, President Joe Biden has said that the United States of America would defend Taiwan if China attempted to attack the self-ruled island that Beijing claims as part of its territory.

In response to a question about whether “U.S. soldiers, U.S. men and women, would protect Taiwan in the case of a Chinese invasion,” President Joe Biden responded “Yes” during an interview that was shown on the “60 Minutes” program on CBS News on Sunday.

It was reported by CBS News. Following the interview, the White House said that the United States’ position had not changed. In this policy, it says that Washington wants Taiwan’s status to be settled peacefully, but it doesn’t say whether or not U.S. soldiers could be sent if China attacked.

The comments made by Biden come at a time when tensions are rising over Taiwan as a result of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s administration’s attempts to intimidate the island by firing missiles into the sea and flying fighter jets nearby, as well as visits to Taipei by political figures such as Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

It is not clear whether or not the United States will send military personnel to Taiwan, despite the fact that Washington is required by federal law to ensure that Taiwan has the capability to defend itself. Although there is no official contact between the two countries, the United States and the island do have informal diplomatic ties.

In 1949, after a civil war in China that resulted in the Communist Party gaining control of the mainland, Taiwan and China severed ties with one another. The two governments maintain that they are part of the same nation, but they disagree on who should serve as the head of state.

Beijing views formal foreign interaction with Taiwan’s elected government as encouragement for Taiwan to make its de facto independence permanent, a measure that the mainland claims would lead to war if carried out.

The position that the United States government maintains that it does not support Taiwan’s formal independence is something that President Joe Biden reiterated in an interview that was televised on Sunday.

“Taiwan makes their own judgments about their independence,” the president said. “We’re not encouraging their being independent.”

During a press conference in May, President Biden was asked if he would be prepared to get engaged militarily to protect Taiwan against an invasion by China. His response was “absolutely.”

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