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Man charged in a 1983 North Florida rape case

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says that a man has been charged with sexual violence after an investigation into a rape that happened in 1989 led to his arrest.

According to the arrest record, Raney Richardson Sr., 68, was charged with sexual battery for an event that allegedly took place in 1983. The alleged incident happened 33 years ago.

According to the authorities, Richardson was 34 years old at the time of the incident, and the victim was in fourth grade at the time.

The officers were sent to the 1300 block of Domas Drive on October 4 of this year in connection with a warrant that was currently active.

According to the warrant, the victim in this instance reported to the police that the defendant took care of her overnight after she was placed in his care. The woman claims that throughout the course of the evening, Richardson woke her up while she was asleep, placed his hand over her mouth, and sexually assaulted her. The incident allegedly took place at about midnight.

At the same time that investigations were being carried out at the Police Memorial Building, the victim spoke with Richardson over the phone on a line that was being recorded.

There is no way to determine when exactly this call was made.

During the phone call, Richardson said he remembered ‘some stuff happened’ but that it was so long ago he didn’t remember exactly.

The victim told Richardson that her life was ruined as a result of his actions.

Richardson is now being detained on a bail of $250,003.

He was also arrested previously in 1994 for “sex offense against child, fondling”.

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