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Crash causes major traffic delays on Interstate 75

West Miami-Dade, Florida – In the early hours of Thursday morning, a crash on the northbound lanes of Interstate 75 near the Turnpike in Florida caused a major traffic disruption, leading to one person being airlifted to the hospital.

The accident resulted in all lanes being closed for over an hour, as first responders worked tirelessly to clear the wreckage from the highway.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing a gray Audi SUV careening out of control before colliding with the guardrail, leading to a potentially life-threatening situation for the driver. Emergency crews quickly arrived on the scene, shutting down all lanes of traffic at 5:30 a.m. to manage the crash site and provide medical assistance to the injured driver.

The injured driver was soon airlifted to Kendall Regional Hospital, where medical personnel provided necessary care for his non-life-threatening injuries. Despite the efforts of the first responders, one lane of the highway remained closed to traffic as they worked to clear the scene of the accident.

It was not until 6 a.m. when traffic footage showed a complete halt on the road, with vehicles backed up for miles, leading to significant delays in the area. After more than an hour of hard work by the emergency crews, the highway was finally reopened around 30 minutes later, restoring traffic flow to the area.

Commuters in the region have been advised to take necessary precautions and leave early to avoid any further delays in their daily commute.

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