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Broward County students return to school following historic flooding

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – As the waters receded and the sun began to rise on Monday morning, Broward County students eagerly made their way back to school after a two-day closure due to last week’s historic flooding.

The district closed all campuses in response to a state of emergency issued by the county to ensure the safety of the community. Parents and students alike were relieved to be back in the classroom, but concerns lingered about the extent of the damage caused by the flood.

Photos shared by the district revealed the devastating impact on some of the schools in the hardest-hit areas. More than 12 schools were damaged, and nine of those endured extensive damage. Despite the challenges, all campuses were able to open their doors to students, although some classrooms had to be relocated within the schools.

As students returned to school, the district reminded parents and students to be cautious on their way to and from school, as some areas may still be affected by flooding. Broward County Public Schools Chief Communications and Legislative Affairs Officer, John Sullivan, asked for the community’s patience as buses and staff navigate the recovery process.

Over the weekend, crews worked tirelessly to clear debris and make necessary repairs to ensure that schools could reopen. The total damage to the schools was estimated to be around $8 million, according to Sullivan. However, the district requested a waiver to not make up the two missed days, and the state has yet to make a decision.

Despite the challenges posed by the historic flooding, the Broward County community remains resilient and committed to ensuring that students continue to receive the education they deserve.

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