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Broward County Public Schools Superintendent search narrows down to four candidates

Broward County, Florida – The quest for a new superintendent in Broward County Public Schools has garnered 26 applicants, yet a mere four satisfy the position’s prerequisites. Lori Alhadeff, Broward County School Board’s esteemed chair, expressed her readiness to proceed with the meticulous selection process on Tuesday.

Alhadeff stated, “I want somebody who knows what they are getting into, somebody who has done their homework, and I believe that we can find that person,”

Torey Alston, a Broward School Board member appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis, acknowledged the daunting nature of the task, as the board was confronted with a “junior varsity” roster of ostensibly “feeble” candidates.

Alston lamented, “I am not thrilled where we are in terms of the pool. I would have loved to have started with a qualified pool that probably was a lot larger.”

Debi Hixon, another Broward School Board member, cited several factors that contribute to the position’s lack of appeal. According to Hixon, Florida’s political climate has wielded a “tremendous” influence. In response to the board’s internal debate over whether to halt the search, Alston opposed the idea.

Board member Allen Zeman chimed in, asserting, “I am not inclined to pause. I want people to know Broward County does what it says it’s going to do.”

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