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North Lauderdale offers free sandbags for residents to prepare for hurricane season

North Lauderdale, Florida – In an effort to enhance community preparedness for the hurricane season, the City of North Lauderdale is extending an invitation to residents for their free hurricane-ready sandbag giveaways.

Over the weekend, residents were observed using shovels to fill sandbags at one of the designated distribution sites. These giveaways are being conducted concurrently with the city’s ongoing efforts to enhance the overall drainage system and canals, thereby bolstering the region’s resilience in the face of severe weather events.

Residents who shared their thoughts emphasized the significance of being adequately prepared for natural disasters. One resident, Jeffrey, underscored the importance of caution, particularly in light of previous experiences where heavy rains resulted in elevated water levels in his swimming pool.

On the upcoming Saturdays throughout the month of May, designated locations at Pompano Park and Carl Fusco Park will serve as sandbag pickup sites from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The giveaways will continue until June 3, providing residents with ample opportunities to obtain sandbags and fortify their hurricane preparedness strategies.

By offering these free resources and encouraging proactive measures, the City of North Lauderdale aims to empower its residents to safeguard their properties and enhance community resilience during hurricane season.

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