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Town of Davie cancels negotiations with firefighters union

Davie, Florida – The Town of Davie has recently made the decision to cancel the scheduled negotiations with the International Association of Fire Fighters Rank & File 1-3 Supervisory Unit.

The negotiations were originally slated to take place on May 18, 2023, at the Pine Island Multipurpose Center. The official cancellation notice was issued by the Town Clerk, Evelyn Roig, and was posted on the town’s official website. Unfortunately, no specific reason for the cancellation has been provided at this time.

The International Association of Fire Fighters (I.A.F.F) serves as a labor union representing professional firefighters and emergency medical personnel across the United States and Canada. Within Davie, Florida, the Rank & File 1-3 Supervisory Unit of the I.A.F.F represents the local firefighters.

The intended purpose of the negotiations between the Town of Davie and the I.A.F.F was to address and resolve any issues concerning the working conditions and compensation of the firefighters in the town.

The cancellation of these negotiations may potentially impact the relationship between the Town of Davie and the I.A.F.F. It remains unclear whether the negotiations will be rescheduled in the future or if alternative actions will be pursued to address the concerns raised by the union.

Individuals seeking further information are advised to contact the Town Clerk’s office for additional details on this matter.

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