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Coral Springs resident faces multiple charges following serious car crash

Coral Springs, Florida – A car accident has resulted in a Coral Springs resident facing a total of 27 charges of child neglect and DUI-related offenses.

The individual, identified as 38-year-old Miazoti Ann White, was discovered at the accident scene with seven children, none of whom were properly restrained, and an open beer bottle within her vehicle.

On May 21, Coral Springs Police Department responded to a vehicular accident with reports of children injured near West Atlantic Boulevard and Coral Springs Drive. Upon reaching the scene, officers found first responders requiring police assistance due to the challenging behavior of one of the drivers, identified as White.

White was reportedly behaving aggressively, using foul language towards the Coral Springs-Parkland Fire personnel, and appeared to be in a highly emotional state, alternating between aggressive outbursts and uncontrollable crying. In her vehicle were seven young children, all visibly upset and one with a bleeding forehead wound.

The officers found no child safety seats or restraints in the vehicle, raising immediate concerns, given that the seven children present ranged from ages three to six. According to the incident report, White’s car had crossed into oncoming traffic over a raised curbed median, leading to the collision. No details were given regarding the state or condition of the other vehicle involved in the accident.

In their interaction with White, CSPD officers noted apparent signs of alcohol consumption including slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and a distinct alcohol odor. A glass beer bottle labeled “Corona” was found within her car’s center console.

As the investigation continued, a Special Victims Unit Detective was summoned to look into potential child neglect charges. However, White remained uncooperative, refusing to provide the detective with any information. When officers tried to escort her to a patrol car, she resisted and kicked several detectives and officers in the process.

In the face of White’s continued disruptive behavior and refusal to provide a breath sample, despite the reading of the Implied Consent Warning, it came to light that her Florida Driver’s License was previously suspended due to a past DUI offense. This incident marks her third such offense. White also has a history of child restraint law violations and traffic offenses in Coral Springs.

Following the incident, White was transported to Broward County Main Jail, with multiple charges pending.

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