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South Florida schools offer summer learning opportunities

Broward County, Florida – As the school year draws to a close in South Florida, Miami-Dade and Broward counties are gearing up to provide students with engaging summer learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom.

Miami-Dade Public Schools is proud to present its Summer305 program, offering up to 65,000 students from kindergarten to 12th grade a chance to participate in a diverse range of activities at over 100 school campuses. Chief Academic Officer of Miami-Dade Public Schools, Lourdes Diaz, emphasizes the program’s aim to provide parents with safe and enjoyable options for their children during the summer break.

The Summer305 program encompasses various offerings, including school makeup work, Smart Start camps, dual enrollment opportunities, and paid internships. Moreover, certified teachers from Miami-Dade Public Schools will also be teaching at more than 300 Children’s Trust summer camps. This collaboration ensures that even students attending camps under the Children’s Trust will have the opportunity to engage in math and reading activities, as well as SAT and ACT preparation for older students.

While online registration continues until Wednesday, in-person registration will be available at school sites during the first week of the five-week program. The Summer305 program for K-8 students commences on June 20th, while grades 9-12 will begin on June 12th.

Similarly, Broward County Public Schools offers its Summer Experience and 21st Century Community Learning Center programs, providing additional avenues for students to continue their learning during the summer months.

For more detailed information about these programs, please click here.

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