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Oakland Park greenlights a $2.8 million road repaving initiative for September 2023

Oakland Park, Florida – The City of Oakland Park has announced an imminent road repaving initiative beginning in September 2023. Following the City Commission’s endorsement, a budget of $2.8 million has been allocated for the refurbishment of approximately eight miles of local thoroughfares. This financial provision emanates from the transportation surtax, specifically termed the “Penny for Transportation”. The designated streets for this repaving project predominantly span neighborhoods flanking I-95.

While Oakland Park is responsible for the upkeep of roughly 21.8 miles of its roadways, this does not encompass principal arteries such as the Dixie Highway, Oakland Park Boulevard, or Commercial Boulevard. The determination of roads meriting repaving was predicated on a comprehensive 2017 municipal road condition survey.

This 2017 assessment aimed to inspect and subsequently rank the city’s roads using the Pavement Condition Index (PCI), which categorizes road states on a continuum from “Good” to “Failed”. The conclusion of this evaluation yielded an aggregate score of 81, denoting a “satisfactory” condition for Oakland Park’s roads.

The accrued surtax revenue will be channeled towards the refurbishment of the most compromised roads. After a meticulous bidding process, All County Paving has been commissioned for this pivotal task. The estimated timeline for completion is approximately five months from commencement in September.

At the same time, the city is organizing other improvements related to road infrastructure, including resurfacing and landscaping of certain primary routes. Comprehensive details, including a detailed map outlining the roads set to be paved, can be accessed through the city’s official website.

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